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Welcome to ICADS newest member – Art Deco Mumbai!  Continue reading to see the full text of the welcome letter that ICADS sent to Atul Kumar, the founder of Art Deco Mumbai, informing him of the Board’s decision.For a fascinating account of how Art Deco came to Mumbai check out the story at this link:

Welcome Art Deco Mumbai – Newest Member of ICADS

12 March, 2018

Atul Kumar
Art Deco Mumbai
Mumbai, India

Hello Atul,

I want to personally welcome Art Deco Mumbai as the newest member of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS). I’m delighted that your group is a member of ICADS.  I have every expectation that it will be a mutually beneficial relationship both for Art Deco Mumbai and for ICADS.

The ICADS Board of Directors reviewed your application and I’m happy to tell you that your membership application was unanimously accepted.

Art Deco Mumbai is doing exemplary work in documenting Mumbai’s execptional Art Deco heritiage. Your efforts to preserve this heritage and educatate others about its value are equally important.

Mumbai is very fortunate to have Art Deco design in so many different neighborhoods with its significant architecture already nominated to UNESCO in 2012. We look forward to having you with us and your showcasing Mumbai’ Deco at the World Congress of Art Deco in 2019 being hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Welcome to our newest member.


Joseph Loundy, President
ICADS Board of Directors

What a week, a class a day! Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 take the ‘Deco at the Oval’ walking tour with us & then design their dream Deco buildings. Don Bosco International School. Boundless enthusiasm, curiosity and talent.

Decoding Art Deco: Revisiting Modernity. Glimpses from our Multipolis Mumbai workshop on ArtDeco with Art Deco Mumbai and Conservation Architect Vikas Dilawari.


  1. I am a proud Mumbaikar who has grown up admiring the art-deco structures in and around Marine Drive, the Oval Maidan, the Eros cinema, and so many more. Thanks for the hard work, Art Deco Mumbai. Thanks for highlighting our heritage and benchmarking it against the many poorer international locations.

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