Update on the World Congress On Art Deco®2019

There Has Been a Change in Management

As many of you know, the ICADS Board of Directors has been working diligently to resolve issues that developed with AdbA, the group based in Buenos Aires that was selected by the ICADS membership to produce the 2019 World Congress. We were unable to resolve the issues with AdbA and consequently terminated our agreement with them.

The ICADS Board still intends to present a World Congress in Buenos Aires and has engaged Geo Darder and his Copperbridge Foundation to produce the World Congress. Geo is an ICADS Board member and experienced tour leader with a proven track record of organizing events in South America (including the successful 2013 World Congress in Havana). Geo will visit Buenos Aires soon to firm up new arrangements. He has already organized a planning committee that includes prominent Argentines who are knowledgeable about Art Deco in Buenos Aires as well as the rest of Argentina. The Board is confident that this Congress will meet the high standards set by previous Congresses.

Updated information about details for the Congress, as well as the pre and post gatherings, will be emailed to members as well as posted on the ICADS website as it becomes available.

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