World Art Deco Month Schedule of Events

1-4 April Copperbridge Foundation Salamone – First in a series.

A documentary film about the works of Francisco Salamone (Argentine Architect). Salamone has been called “The lost futurist”, and “the architect of the pampas”. Between 1936 and 1940, the Argentine Architect Francisco Salamone created over 60 of the most outstanding buildings in the Art Deco style throughout 25 rural communities in a region of Las Pampas, Argentina. 


5-11 April Copperbridge Foundation Salamone – Second in a series.

Francisco Salamone (argentine architect): panel discussion (pre-recorded).

-An online tour of the works of Francisco Salamone (Argentine Architect).

-Guided by Argentine Architect Fabio Grementieri A guided lecture through the works of Francisco Salamone by Architect Fabio Grementieri. Followed by expert points of view and discussion.

Fabio Grementieri.

Fabio Grementieri – Argentine Architect, Member of the National Commission of Monuments of Argentina and Professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.
Christian Larsen – Windgate Curator at MAD & Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor at Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture.
Robin Grow President Art Deco & Modernism Society of Australia, Vice-President of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies
Carolina Quiroga and Mariana Quiroga, (DOCOMOMO).


11 April  Los Angeles Art Deco Society Virtual Event.

Cocktails Across America- Art Deco Entertainment Venues of the Post-Prohibition Years: A Postcard Pictorial.

Art Deco Entertainment Venues of the Post-Prohibition Years: A Postcard Pictorial examines five theater and entertainment complexes constructed in 1930s America. Each venue selected for discussion represents fine examples of Art Deco and Streamline Moderne design. The presentation will be highlighted by vintage postcards and ephemera offering a unique way to capture elements of the venues and discuss their history.  

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12-18 April Copperbridge Foundation  Havana Art Deco Panel Discussion (Pre-Recorded).

Travel online with Copperbridge and top Cuban Art Deco experts, Universo García and José A. Menéndez, as we take a historic tour of the unique Art Deco architectural gems throughout the city and the rich history of Art Deco graphic design by Enrique Garcia Cabrera in Havana, Cuba.

From iconic structures such as the Bacardi Building, America Theater, and the Lopez-Serrano, to small Art Deco homes, we will also look at some newly-remodeled Art Deco buildings which are now used for private businesses such as boutique hotels and restaurants.


18 April Art Deco Society of Washington DC.

Moderne Times: Lawson Art Deco Clocks.

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

$10 ADSW Members.  $10 ADSW Members.
$10 Members of other Art Deco Societies (ICADS).  
$15 Non Members.

Join celebrated Art Deco photographer Randy Juster for an illustrated talk showcasing his new book:  Moderne Time – Lawson Art Deco Clocks. Randy will open with a discussion and photo illustration of how he became enamored with the beauty of Art Deco, which ultimately led him to his passion for all things Lawson.   

The program will be recorded so that registrants can watch the program at a later date.

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19 April Copperbridge Foundation –6:00 PM (EDT  UTC-4 daylight savings).

Premiere of Art Deco Rioplatense: Live.

Join us for this online travel program to explore the rich history of Art Deco in Argentina and Uruguay with top local experts as your guides.

Rioplatense describes the culture of a region on both sides of the Rio de le Plata that produces crops and cattle but also tango music, avant garde literature and arts as well as modern architecture and design.

For those who joined us on our World Congress on Art Deco program, this will be a great opportunity to reconnect with the people you met on your trip. For those who missed it, this will be your chance to enjoy the travel program online!


21 April New York Art Deco Society.

Wednesday America’s Response to the 1925 Paris Exposition.

Wednesday, April 21, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (EDT  UTC -4 daylight savings).

You won’t want to miss this engaging web-based illustrated talk by design historian and author, Marilyn F. Friedman, that will focus on early efforts by designers in America to develop a unique response to the modern design featured at the 1925 Paris Exposition.

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22 April Washington DC Modernism Show.


Early Buyers: $20


23rd April – Art Deco Society of Buenos Aires (AdbA).

08:00 PM (ArgentinaTime) 

Eligible Tourist Destinations – Regional Development Virtual Guide ART DECO
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Facebook @plandeviernes.

RADIO ARROBA Transmission Plan de Viernes Program.

23-26 April Washington DC Modernism Show.

Free Event Opens

9AM EDT Friday. Closes 3AM EDT Monday  

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24 April Miami Design Preservation League.

Deco Speakeasy on Saturday , from 7:30pm-8:30pm EST.

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24 April  Art Deco Society of California Saturday  “Art Deco of the Golden State”

Noon to 1:00 PM California time.

A look back at some of the Art Deco Society of California’s past preservation work and awards, and an overview of present projects.

To celebrate World Art Deco month, the Art Deco Society of California will be showcasing some spectacular examples of Art Deco of the Golden State, and of our preservation work in a one-hour online program, split into three parts:

The first section will be a review of the Best of the Art Deco Preservation Awards, the Top 10 Art Deco works in California, as voted on by our members from a list of popular past ADSC preservation award winners.

After a brief musical interlude with music from Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra there will be a presentation on creating glamorous, Art Deco styled special events to support the efforts of preservation projects. This will cover the genesis of our Art Deco Preservation Ball and our annual awards for preservation, plus a review of some of our past preservation work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

 There will be a brief demonstration of how to make an Art Deco era cocktail and the program will finish with a brief overview of our current preservation projects and issues in the Bay Area.

The program will last approximately one hour; the zoom room will remain open for Q&A and socializing afterward. Therese Poletti, ADSC Preservation Director, and Laurie Gordon, founder of the Art Deco Preservation Ball, will be the speakers.

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25 April Art Deco Society UK

UK  3:00 – 4:15 PM (BST UTC+1).

All About Art Deco Hotels, presenter – Karen Averby    BST is British Summer Time.

Art Deco and Moderne architecture of the interwar period was perfectly suited to buildings of leisure, and dominated new hotel styles.  These new hotels offered their clientele a modern, sophisticated and glamorous alternative to their ageing Victorian and Edwardian predecessors. Karen Averby reflects on the architecture and design from this golden age of hotel building and shares stories from her research of the people associated with these fashionable places.

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25 April Sunday  Chicago Art Deco Society  1:00 PM CDT  UTC -5 Daylight Savings.

Teri Edelstein  Paris-Chicago: The Art Deco Fair and the Windy City. 

The 1925 Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriel modernes in Paris exemplifies today’s conception of Art Deco. Elements of the moderne style did surface earlier in the 20th century and were derived from many sources.  Nonetheless the Fair itself, and the style it codified, played a major role in forming a taste for Art Deco in Chicago.  This lecture will examine just how it did so, and ways in which Chicagoans participated in creating this worldwide enthusiasm.

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25 April  Art Deco Society of Los Angeles

Sunday  Black Gold: The Richfield Building 1929-1969

1:30 – 3:30 PM PDT

We launch May preservation month a week early with a look at one of Los Angeles’ most mourned lost Art Deco treasures. During his Bunker Hill talk last Fall, we invited Nathan Marsak to return to the virtual stage to cast a spotlight on the black and gold Richfield Oil Company Building, located at 555 South Flower Street, from its construction in 1928/29 to its demolition in 1968/69.


28 April Historic Seattle – “Art Deco Seattle”

12 Noon-1:30 PM PDT  GMT – 7

Join retired Program Director Lawrence Kreisman as he takes a look at some of the leading figures in the development of regional architecture and interiors during the Jazz Age. The period between the two world wars was one of economic and social turmoil, but also one of great creativity in art, architecture, and the decorative arts. 


28 April – Paris Art Deco Society. 

6:00 – 7:15 PM GMT/UTC +2  CET

“Imagine the 2025 World Congress of Art Deco”

Central European Summer Time  Pascal Yves Laurent, president of the Paris Art Deco Society will give a preview of plans for the 2025 World Congress of Art Deco to be held in Paris in conjunction with the Centennial of the famous Paris Exhibition of 1925. He will present the main lines of a program which will occupy our visitors for 5 to 6 days. Readings, urban walks, possible visits of monuments, restaurants, parties.

The pre and post congresses, from Reims to Brussels via Saint Quentin and Lille will also be introduced.


28 April Twentieth Century Society UK  “Art Deco in Britain by Elain Harwood” 

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM BST  UST +

A celebration of Art Deco in Britain on World Art Deco Day, when Elain Harwood will talk about cinemas, seaside buildings, factories and other buildings in this most fantastic of styles, based on her book Art Deco Britain, published by Batsford in 2019.

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28 April Art Deco Society UK – World Art Deco Day Zoom Party.

7:30 PM – 8:45 PM BST  UST +1

Members Only – Join Now

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28 April – Art Deco Society of Buenos Aires (AdbA).

08:00 PM (Argentina Time).

Eligible Tourist Destinations – Regional Development Virtual Guide ART DECO
PART 2 :
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28 April  Art Deco Mumbai Trust

7:00 PM IST (India Standard Time)

Live Webinar: ‘Miami to : My trajectory in Art Deco Architecture’ by Navin Ramani followed by conversation with Dr Mustansir Dalvi, Professor, Sir J J College of Architecture & Trustee, Art Deco Mumbai Trust

Navin Ramani  shares his intimate involvement supporting the mission of Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL)  from 2002 to 2007, after having spent his youth growing up in Mumbai’s first Art Deco district and eminent Art Deco building Court View.  This trajectory inspired him to author  Bombay Art Deco Architecture, a visual journey (published 2007), revealing the Art Deco architectural legacy of his hometown, Mumbai. Navin narrates the series of events at MDPL that led him to author his book, the parallels in the Art Deco heritage of the two sub-tropical cities, what distinguished them in their Art Deco adaptations and the renaissance of Art Deco in all things design today.   

Navin Ramani: Navin served on the Board of Directors of The Miami Design Preservation League  and was also co-chairman of it’s acclaimed Art Deco Weekend festival in 2005.  He authored ‘Bombay Art Deco Architecture’ and received an award for The Best Art Deco book of the year in 2007.

Dr Mustansir Dalvi: Mustansir Dalvi is Professor of Architecture at Sir J. J. College of Architecture and Trustee, Art Deco Mumbai Trust. He received the PhD Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay in 2017. He is the editor of ’20th Century Compulsions’ (Marg), a collection of writings about early Indian modernist architecture from some of the most important practitioners of the time. His latest book is ‘The Past as Present: pedagogical practices in architecture at the Bombay School of Art’ (Sir JJ/UDRI).


28 April – Art Deco & Modernism Society – Adelaide Chapter Celebrating World Art Deco Day

6:00 PM Australian Central Standard Time

An Evening of Fun & Frivolity –  Food, drink, live music.


29 April Art Deco Montreal

4:00 PM EDT

Bonjour, Hello Art Déco Montréal – ‘Sin City’ During Prohibition!

Join us at Art Déco Montréal for a fun, fact, photo-filled presentation. 

Explore Montreal Art Deco – the ambiance and the architecture  – discover why Art Deco came earlier to Montreal than to most North American cities – with Sandra Cohen-Rose, founding president of Art Déco Montreal and author of Northern Deco – Art Deco Architecture in Montreal, and Ruby Roy,  multilingual Montreal Master Licensed Guide, Speaker- Storyteller  -Travel Director, Specializing in Architecture, Culture and History who travels in search of Art Deco.

This presentation will be recorded, so you may enjoy it anytime at your leisure.


29 April Art Deco Society of Washington DC

Thursday  8 PM EDT – 9:30 PM EDT

Virtual Silent Cinema! We will be live-streaming CAMILLE from 1921 (also, 100th anniversary this year), starring Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino. It transposes the Dumas source story to 1920 Paris. The film features strikingly imaginative Art Deco sets and costumes designed by Natacha Rambova, who would soon marry Valentino in 1923.

Co-sponsored by the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. The AFI Silver resides in the beautifully-restored 1930’s movie theater that the Art Deco Society of Washington was instrumental in saving.

Here is a video clip from the

Details: Pay-what-you-can livestream screening w/ live musical accompaniment by Ben Model.

Tickets: CAMILLE (1921) livestream event | AFI Silver Theatre Virtual Screening Room

About Ben Model: Ben is one of America’s leading silent film accompanists. Model has been playing piano and organ for silent films at the New York MoMA since 1984 and has performed numerous shows at AFI Silver Theatre over the years. Since March 2020, Model has been hosting a popular weekly livestreamed silent film show from his living room, «The Silent Comedy Watch Party.»

29 April – Art Deco & Modernism Society of Australia

8:00 pm- 9:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

“From Paris To Australia”

Robin Grow, President of ADMSA and Vice President of ICADS, will discuss the links between France and Australia, largely formed during the Great War.  He will describe the exhibits and experiences provided by the 1925 Exposition. 

Few Australians were able to visit this major event.  But one who did was Ernest Wunderlich, whose firm produced building products used extensively across Australia.  We will examine the changes to Wunderlich products that occurred after his visit that demonstrated the effect of the 1925 Exposition on far-away Australia.

The event is free and will be presented in English and recorded.  Please register by contacting ADMSA Secretary Robyn Saalfield at  Registrants will receive a Zoom link in the days before the presentation.