What is the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies ICADS

The International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS) is a voluntary alliance of societies from around the world which strive to inform and educate the public on the important contributions made by artists, designers and architects of this period. Members assist each other with support during battles for the preservation of architecture from the period. ICADS conducts a bi-annual World Congress on Art Deco in cities where a member society nominates itself as a host. The next World Congress will be held in Shanghai from November 1-6, 2015. See web site for details.

Who are we?

lCADS consists of not-for-profit, independent and member-based societies from cities and regions around the world, called ‘sponsors’. In addition, it includes ‘key contacts’ from other cities and regions where no Art Deco society exists.

When do we meet?

ICADS meets formally every two years at the World Congress. Sponsor societies are eligible to vote on issues.

How are we organised?

ICADS appoints a facilitator for a period of two years (generally the President of the Society that has hosted a previous World Congress). The facilitator is responsible for coordinating the work of ICADS, chairing the meeting at the World Congress, ensuring the implementation of resolutions, disseminating information and preservation alerts, maintaining the ICADS mailing list and website, and encouraging the formation of new Art Deco societies.

A three-member Advisory Committee has been established to help and advise the facilitator.

Sponsor societies and key contacts pay an annual fee to belong to ICADS and accounts are managed by an appointed Treasurer. Due to the international nature of the organisation, ICADS is not incorporated. It operates under a Platform which describes the consensus upon which the Coalition currently exists. The Platform can be amended at the bi-annual formal ICADS meeting. Sponsors and key contacts agree to conform to the joining criteria and the rules that govern the operations of ICADS.

An organisation seeking to become a sponsor of ICADS completes an application which is submitted to the formal bi-annual meeting.


The mission of ICADS is :

• To encourage co-operation among Art Deco Societies and other organisations and individuals actively concerned with preservation of buildings from the Art Deco era;

• To offer mutual support through a variety of means;

• To explore new ways to work together to promote the understanding, appreciation and preservation of Art Deco.


Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) organized the first World Congress on Art Deco in 1991. During the 1992 Art Deco Weekend. MDPL hosted the presidents of all Art Deco societies. Out of this initiate the National Coalition of Art Deco Societies (NCADS) was born.  MDPL hosted a follow up event in 1993, at that time, 1993, the category of “International Associates” which could become “full participants in NCADS,”  was created.  A few years later the name was changed to ICADS.

Minutes of meetings.

NCADS 1992

NCADS 1993