World Congress on Art Deco

History, Goals and Event

The World Congress on Art Deco is an initiative commenced by the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) in 1993. MDPL owns the name and the corporate logo for the World Congress. At the formal bi-annual meeting of ICADS, sponsor societies seeking to host a future Congress (ie in four years) can submit nominations, which are considered and voted on at the meeting. The meeting also ratifies the next World Congress (in two years time).

A World Congress is intended to provide a forum for the world-wide exchange and promotion of ideas and information about Art Deco. The goals are:

  • To promote the understanding of Art Deco as a worldwide design movement
  • To identify sites and monuments around the world
  • To network preservation groups
  • To promote the conservation and preservation of sites and monuments
  • To utilise Art Deco as an opportunity for economic development through tourism
  • To raise the public awareness of Art Deco

Each Congress consists of 4-5 days of formal presentations, structured tours, and social events. Pre-Congress and post-Congress programmes (generally consisting of 3 day tours) are also developed and conducted in cities reasonably close to the Congress site.

The next World Congress will be held in Shanghai, China November 2015.


1991 – Miami, USA

1993 – Perth, Australia

1995 – Brighton, England

1997 – Los Angeles, USA

1999 – Napier, New Zealand

2001 – Tulsa, USA

2003 – Cape Town, South Africa

2005 – New York, USA

2007 – Melbourne, Australia

2009 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Web site of Congress

2011 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Capital for more than two hundred years, has an estimated quantity of over 300 good example of quality preserved buildings. One of the “Seven Modern Wonders of the World”, the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” is surely the biggest Art Deco monument on the planet.

From 14th to 21st August, 2011, Rio will host the World Congress on Art Deco with a pre-congress event in São Paulo 11th – 13th August.

For more information & registration details, visit the Rio 2011 Art Deco Congress website.

2013 – Havana, Cuba

web site

2015 – Shanghai, China


November 1-6. See web site for details

2017 – Cleveland, Ohio